Investigation of Artificial Techniques in Horizontal Wells


Once the liquid loading is identified as a problem for vertical or deviated gas wells, many different loading mitigation and elimination techniques and methods can be utilized.  The classical methods include velocity strings (production tubing size reduction), surfactant utilization to promote foaming (soap sticks or soap injection), beam pumping, plunger lift, and gas lift.  Each method has its advantages, disadvantages, and applicability conditions.  Several of these unloading methods can be and have been applied to horizontal wells with some prior design thought in horizontal wells.  The performance and applicability of each unloading technique will be strongly influenced by the multiphase flow behavior and distribution of the fluids in the horizontal well.

Horizontal wells drilled into oil bearing formations will also need artificial lift typically when the reservoir pressures are depleted significantly.  They will also be producing under multiphase flow conditions as discussed previously.  Similar issues encountered in gas wells will also be encountered in oil wells.

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