Plunger Assisted Gas Lift (PAGL) and Continuous Flow Plunger

Continuous flow plunger lift provides continuous production to deliquefy gas wells. Continuous flow plungers can fall against high gas flow rates and that makes them suitable for working at higher gas and liquid flow rates. For this case, shut in is not required to build up pressure and the plunger completes its cycle without any intervention. It is also combined with gas lift which called as Plunger Assisted Gas Lift (PAGL). Switching gas lift to PAGL allows operators to reduce the gas injection amount significantly while maintaining or increasing production. This method allows wells to operate under initial liquid loading conditions while preventing liquid accumulation at the bottomhole. In addition to increasing production and decreasing gas injection rates, it also helps to remediate paraffin deposition. As the PAGL method gets traction in the industry, TUHWALP members are interested in a systematic study of it. Instead of relying on rules of thumb, guidelines supported by systematic research and analytical solutions are needed. The objectives of project titled “Continuous Flow Plunger Lift, PAGL” are to find optimum gas injection rates, define operational boundaries, optimize plunger cycle and propose guidelines for plunger selection.

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