Plunger Lift Studies

Plunger lift systems are widely used as a dewatering method for gas wells. This AL method has many advantages that make it an attractive solution to liquid loading, including low investment and operational costs, no need for external energy sources, increased production, and prevention of paraffin, wax and scale deposition. There are two main types of plunger lift, continuous and conventional. Conventional plunger lift provides intermittent production for late stages of the well, whereas continuous flow plunger lift is deployed during early stages of liquid loading, providing continuous production. Typically, standalone plunger wells are completed without packers. However, a combination of plunger lift and intermittent or continuous gas-lift allows its deployment in packered completions. The current plunger lift studies are divided into two categories, namely, study of conventional plunger for horizontal wells and Plunger Assisted Gas Lift (PAGL).

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